I’m Emmanuel, a student pursuing a degree program at Kibi Presbyterian College of Education in Ghana. A teacher in the making.

I live in Konongo in with my family. I have two brothers and a sister. Reading is my hobby. I love to fun with friends on vacation.

There are only two places that you can find me. If not at home, then at the internet cafe. The internet is like my second home. I browse the web a lot always looking for new information.

I believe in self-development so I read a lot to improve my skills and update the knowledge I have.


This blog is established to aid in the transformation of lives through education, concern for human development and the health issues of the general public.

My goal is to help better the lives of people by providing them with the right info they need to solve their daily challenges.


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The content here is to touch and improve lives. Content shared on this blog will be on education, health & Fitness, Finance, and Lifestyle.

I will share with you here the experience of teachers who have been in the education sectors for long, their advice for teachers and parents at home.

Post on Lifestyle will be broad. It will be based on beauty, travel, fashion parenting, relationship, culture and personal development.


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