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Have you ever thought of anything that can destroy your life? Well, there are 5 future and success killers: Bad habits that can ruin your life if you’re not careful about how you go about it.

The future is what we all hold on. It is a later when something is likely to exit, a condition for success or failure to come. Our future carries both our failures and success. The activities we involve ourselves determines our future outcome.

The habits we put up with our lives today will decide the results of our lives tomorrow. It is like the computer term; WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) & GIGO (Garbage in garbage out). In life, you reap what you sow.

If a person will succeed or fail, it starts with the habits he or she will put up today. Be careful with what you do with your life at the moment.

 Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, said in a speech about his company that “We got successful today not because we did a splendid job today, we had a dream 15 years ago.”

According to Jack Ma, the company’s success is not based on the actions they are taking today but 15 years ago. What they did some years back has produced excellent results for them today, which was their future 15 years ago.


Habits are the usual way we behave. They are something that a person does in a regular and repeated way. For example, brushing your teeth after eating breakfast every day is a habit.

Habits are the basis of success and failure.

You need to change some daily activities and routines. There is nothing in life that needs reforming than habits.

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6 future and success killers: Drug Abuse

Bad habits, like the continuous and addictive use of drugs, can kill one’s future and success. Extensive use of drugs harms the social, physical, mental, and financial life of a person. It can ruin one’s life, hence killing one’s future and success.

Effects of Drug Abuse;

On Health

Take excellent care of your health. It is one major thing it has to be your concern. Poor health leads to low productivity.

Drugs affect human health. Long-term usage of drugs can cause damage in the nervous system, respiratory system, and circulatory system. This health problem can shorten a person’s life span.

On Social Life

Drug addicts ruin their social life. They live in isolation. They become abandoned by friends and family, all because they don’t want to associate with people fond of using drugs or hang out with people who use drugs.

They become rejected, develop low self-esteem, and in the long run, ruin their social life. Drug abuse has many consequences on a person’s social life.


On Physical Life

Drug abuse can destroy one’s worth of physical life. Physical life is the point in life when our lives are useful and valuable to society. The use of drugs can shorten such life.

People who are drug addicts destroy their physical life; they no longer add value to society but become a liability. Don’t trade your worth to drugs.


On Mental Life

Drugs cause the brain to malfunction. It causes changes in the brain chemicals system that affects the brain functions in areas such as learning, judgment, decision making, memory, and behavior.


On Financial Life

Drug addicts have complications with their finances. Most of them, if not all of them, spend most of their income on drugs.

In the long run, they become broke with no money and savings. There are people, who because of drugs, have lost their job and properties. Drug abuse has moved some people from something to nothing.


5 Future and Success Killers: Procrastination

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something. When we procrastinate, it means we have scheduled an activity to take place later in time. Procrastinating is not a pleasant habit. It delays progress and productivity.

We all have heard the saying that procrastination is a thief of time. We all have procrastinated before. Every person has done this before. We say; I will do it tomorrow; I will pick up the form some other time.

How do you feel when you procrastinate? You feel good, right?

Procrastinating may have positive side effects, but the truth about it is that it has a negative side effect that can kill a person’s dreams and success.

Procrastination is a destructive habit for productivity and progression. Avoid procrastination. If you have anything to do, do it now and swiftly.

5 Future and Success Killers: Pornography

Porn is another thing a person has to desist from. It can destroy a person’s entire being, value, and spirituality

Many people have lost their reputation, value, job, money all because of porn addiction. Many relationships and marriages have collapsed.

Porn has side effects that can destroy a person’s life, success, and future. It can cause health problems like erectile dysfunction.

Avoid watching porn. Live a good and healthy life. YOLO.

5 Future and Success Killers: Spending Much Time on Phone and Television Set

It is helpful to have leisure time, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Leisure reduces stress, improves attitude, performance, and improve your quality of life.

Most people spend their time on their phones, others watching reality shows on television. It is good to have some fun, but too much of it becomes an awful habit.

Time is the number one resource we don’t have in abundance. You can never regain spent time. Use your time wisely.

Spend a little of your time watching reality shows, posting comments on social media. What you do with your free time matters.

Engage in productive activities like reading books, taking a course, learning a new skill, etc. There is a saying that there is more sleep after death. When you are old, you can spend much of your time watching reality shows and on social media.

 Use your free time to engage in productive activities which in the long run can help you to become successful in life and to improve your quality of life.

5 Future and Success Killers: Extravagance

Extravagance is a bad practice that you need to avoid. A person’s habit of spending goes a long way to affect his or her life.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines extravagance as behavior in which you spend more than you need to. Another definition is something expensive that you buy even though you don’t need to.

When you spend your income on things you don’t need, what do you think will happen? You waste resources that can be used in unique areas to acquire income.

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Cut your expenses. Purchase things to satisfy your needs. Use the remaining money to build your asset column. (Asset column, is used by Robert Kiyosaki in his book the rich and Poor dad. A way of making money work for you.)

Use the scale of preferences in your spending. Spending more than you earn can put you in debt.

In Conclusion

All the above are habits that kill productivity. Bad habits can ruin your life and quality of life. It is like a planted tree. When it is small, it is easy to uproot.

Work on yourself, if it is help that you need, ask for it. Get rid of any bad habits that can destroy your life.

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